Item: Djúpur

Bjarni lived in Iceland until he was 13, when he moved with his parents to Mozambique. After a few years in Maputo, 2 years at boarding school in South Africa and 6 months in Denmark, he returned to Iceland where he studied composition at the Icelandic Academy, during which time he met and married Charlotte. He decided to further his education with a Masters in Music for Film and Television in Bristol, and after graduating moved to London to score a feature film, a documentary and a short. Despite initially feeling overwhelmed by the scale, he has become surprisingly fond of the city and sees himself staying here for a few more years.

Bjarni is not sentimental or materialistic, so choosing a possession with any meaning was tricky, but thinking about what triggered the most nostalgia he realised that it was food, more specifically candy. He is pictured with a handful of Djúpur, a cube of liquorice covered in chocolate with a white sugar shell. Needless to say, the other icelanders at the shoot dug into the bag as soon as it was opened!