Item: Kría (tern), designed by Óskar Valdason

Bragi is an actor, musician and filmmaker. He moved to London six years ago to train in drama and graduated in 2010. He has been working in film and theatre, both as an actor and producer, and recently screened his first documentary which is about Islamophobia.

Bragi sings, plays the guitar and violin. He has performed as a troubador in pubs, hosted events and worked as a Sunday School teacher with children in London. He loves the entertainment industry and the fact that he can work in in so many different areas within it. He is currently writing a play he plans to put on this autumn. He also has a weak spot for comedy as well as drama.

Bragi’s kría reminds him of his good friend Gísli, who gave it to him. The bird is made from a cod bone, and the stone it sits on was found somewhere in Hvalfjörður (whale fjord), near Reykjavík.

His lopapeysa was a Christmas present from his mother in law, Elín’s mother. It keeps him warm during cold times, and he also finds it quite smart.