Item: Áræðni (Determination)

Clara grew up in the Árbær suburb of Reykjavík where she played freely outdoors among nature. In 2007 she moved to London to study Architecture. It wasn’t her original plan to study in London, but having met her Scottish fiancé at her first job after graduating with a BA, she has no regrets! She finished her diploma last summer and is now expecting their first child in April, and is just enjoying her maternity leave.

Clara chose the word ‘áræðni’, the Icelandic word for ‘determination’. It is something she has brought with her from Iceland, and has kept with her ever since. All her plans in life have been laid to fulfil her dream of becoming an architect.

Clara’s lopapeysa was knitted for her by her Amma (Grandmother) and she has had it since long before she moved to London. “Living in London has really opened my eyes to different cultures and multicultural society,” she says. She enjoys the many exhibitions, museums and gigs that London offers that make it, in her words, “the perfect city to live in”.