Item: Book of Icelandic Songs

Helgi came to London in 2011 to study for a Masters in Classical Composition at the Guildhall School of Music and drama. After graduating he became a Fellow of Composition for a year and is about to embark on his MPhil/DMus, also at the Guildhall. Since last September he has been thoroughly enjoying conducting the Icelandic Choir in London, something he will continue to do parallel to his doctorate.

Helgi’s lopapeysa was knitted for him in 2010 by his mother, Kristín Einarsdóttir.

The book, Söngvasafn (‘A Collection of Songs’), was a gift from his grandmother Erna Egilsdóttir, and is a recent collection of traditional Icelandic folk songs. The song that is showing in the photograph, Land míns föður (‘Land of my Father’) has been a special favourite of his since his days singing bass back home in the Hamrahlið high school choir. On the other page is Yfir voru ættarlandi (‘Over our Homeland’), another good patriotic tune.