Item: Lopapesya

Nanna moved to London in 2009 in order to study European Theatre Arts. Having graduated with a BA (Hons), she is now, in her own words, a ‘struggling actress’ at the beginning of her career. She intends to remain in London for at least another year. She also writes articles for an Icelandic travel website, Guide to Iceland, and is a theatre critic for Broadway Baby. England is the 7th country Nanna has lived in and plans to live in several more in future, though her heart will always remain in Iceland and she expects to return there eventually.

Nanna has owned her lopapeysa for as long as she can remember; it was knitted for her by her aunt when she was very young. At the time it was quite unusual to have a hood and buttons on an Icelandic sweater, but it has since become quite fashionable.

Although it’s rather small, it still just about fits. Nanna’s aunt made her another lopapeysa a few years ago that is bigger, but the one in the picture is still her favourite even though she describes it as ‘like a short boob tube with sleeves and a hood’ and is still teased by her friends for wearing it.

Nanna treasures her ’peysa as one of her most valuable possessions.