Item: The Raven

Sesselía moved from Iceland to London in 2008 to study drama. She graduated as an actress and a director in the spring of 2012 and since then has played various roles and worked as a waitress to pay the bills. She sings with the Icelandic choir in London (under the conductor Helgi) and last autumn she became the chairman of the Icelandic Society in London. She is planning on staying in London for the foreseeable future but is prepared for anything; as she says: “I’ll go where the work takes me!”

Sesselía’s lopapeysa was knitted by her grandmother Anna and was given to her as a graduation gift. It is by far her favorite item of clothing and has kept her warm through the long London winter.

The raven necklace was a gift from her sister Ásta. The raven has always been Sesselía’s favorite animal and she has precious memories of feeding the ravens back home in Iceland with her grandmother Lilja.